What Factors Makes The Most Accurate Paintball Barrels?

When it comes to outdoor sports that are capable of attracting both enthusiasts and amateurs; rarely does anything come close to paintball. Paintball is basically an activity that is 7.62×39 bulk ammo attractive to both casual players and paintball enthusiasts. It doesn’t really matter if it’s your first game or if you’ve already played over a dozen of them because each match is different. Although it is set on a limited area and people sometimes compare it to playing a multiplayer shooter video game, it’s nothing like that. Playing paintball is simply liberating, an activity where quick thinking and good aim is all that is required of you. And trust me, there is a lot going on through the minds of all players during a typical paintball match. Each time you play a new match, you get more and more familiar with the terrain you’re playing on, eventually being able to use every nook & cranny to your advantage. But so will your opponents, which is exactly what makes paintball so exciting even after hundreds of matches. However, a lot of your own effectiveness also depends on the quality of paintball equipment. Today we’re going to have a closer look at what makes the most accurate paintball barrels.

Paintball marker basics

When it comes to paintball equipment, most paintball games have a standard paintball guns. These consist of several basic parts: a loader, a propellant tank, a paintball container and of course, the paintball “gun” barrel. Contrary to what most people may think, barrels can’t usually be freely exchanged on most paintball guns. Although the same rules of ballistics are true for both paintball guns and real guns, the firing mechanism of a paintball marker gun is simply too different and pressure sensitive to allow free barrel changes. For instance, a longer barrel does mean higher accuracy, but it also means that you will need to install a higher pressure propellant tank to successfully launch paintballs with more range, to capitalize on that increased accuracy. In addition to the paintball barrel length itself, the paintball is also a major factor in what makes the most accurate paintball barrels.

Paintball and barrel interaction

Think of a paintball marker like a real gun. Real guns usually have fixed barrel sizes and use specific bullet types for those barrels. You can’t use a bullet that is too big for the barrel, nor can you effectively use a bullet that is too small for the barrel. The same is true when it comes to paintball markers. In order to make use of the most accurate paintball barrels available, you will also need matching paintball ammo. Most paintball packs are clearly designated for use with certain barrel sizes. But as paintballs are affected by environment temperature, sometimes warm weather may cause them to expand and become just a little bit too big for their barrel. In such cases, you can manually check if they will work with a certain barrel size.

Manual checking method

To check the efficiency of most accurate paintball barrels, you would usually need to disassemble a standard paintball marker. Take the barrel and insert a single paintball into it. Try blowing the paintball out by yourself. There needs to be at least a little resistance to maximize on the pressure buildup, which means that the paintball will travel far. If it comes out too easy, not enough pressure will be built up behind it and it will have a shorter range. If it gets stuck, then that means that the paintball is too large for the barrel.

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