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Pantasia Online Casino offers more than 70 of the latest games from Rival Gaming software. Rival  is the gaming system where the casino takes over your computer screen when you start it. I discovered that if  I minimize it then open it again it becomes less enormous and easier to deal with. Still, the only way to navigate back to the main lobby is to click the x in the upper right hand corner.  All of this plus, the  less than intuitive way of navigation  makes it my

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least favorite gaming system. That being said, the best  thing about the Rival Gaming system is the the iSlots games that are part of this software. They offer  story lines, such as “As the Reel Turns” and various levels that you can work your way through. Not only are they fun but offer many bonus opportunities. Pantasia has six such games, They do take a long time download but are fun to play Mogeqq.

Pantino Casino is the only casino I have seen thus far that offers you free money. They deposit  $15 for new users when you download the game and sign on, there is no deposit required so make sure you sign on initially as playing for money. Just claim the $15 and it is all yours, then being playing.

The majority of the games at Pantasia Casino are slots and they do have a progressives as well.  I found that the slots payout extremely well and made $200 in a matter of minutes, due to the many free spins that I won. I think Pantasia Casino has more free spins than I have ever seen.

Pantasia Casino now has a progressive slots game which apparently it just opened but they are missing online tournaments that are so popular at many other casinos. They also have VIP program which  is new for them. It looks like is attempting to keep up with the other casinos and the offers of free money and the ease of winning make it worth taking a look at.

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