Our Love for Handicraft Findings and Handicraft Jewellery

Handicraft findings have always inspired the mind with an artistic bend. Whether it is in the jewellery one wears, or it is in the dresses one dons, a hint of ethnicity envelopes them. And not just the clothes or the jewellery, if you have a flair for hand-crafted objects or tribal things, then even the upholstery or the decorative pieces in your home has a touch of ethnicity. However, handicraft jewellery is more frequently used by many than other objects.

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Handicraft findings jewellery or decorative objects are definitely artistic, mostly because of the fact that they are made by people who are closer to nature and made with the things – like beads and shells — that are found ubiquitously in and around that region. For instance, we find frequent usage of stones, gemstones, precious stones and semi-precious stones in jewellery made by hands buy gold in abu dhabi . Then there are those hand crafted ones which are prepared using cowry shells and bones.

Hand made jewellery is not confined to only such objects. There is frequent usage of other materials such as wood and brass that make some really admirable trinkets. Varicoloured beads and different kinds of materials are bedded together to make exquisite ornaments. For instance, beads and sea shells, and brass with small wood beads make brilliant combinations for necklaces and ear pieces.

Jewellery in Handicraft findings has a very earthy and tribal appeal. From everyday jewellery to highly fashionable ornaments, there is something for everyone and for all kinds of occasions. Most of the handicraft jewellery is inspired by the tribal and rural elements that have the touch of traditional handmade quality. Such may or may not have some symbolic meaning. Most of the times, they do have some symbolic representation in the materials used to make the ornaments, which again is particular to the group or clan producing these jewellery.

So you have this get-together in the evening and you don’t know what accessories would go best with your pretty evening gown. You pour all the contents of your jewellery box, inside out, and none of what you have seems to suit the occasion best. Even if you manage to find out something really dazzling and admirable, the ornament just doesn’t match or complement your outfit. And then you are left with just one option – purchase more jewellery and that too in big haste as time is running out.

Though, much as we love buying jewellery, selecting them in haste is simply not a good idea. How often have we faced such a situation as above? Often, you might say. But what can you do about it? In such situations, faceted and non-faceted jewellery can really prove to be a rescue. Let us see how that is possible.

First, let us take a look at what faceted and non-faceted jewellery are. These are stones or gems that have flat cut surface. Being faceted, they have a sparkling effect on transparent stones. However, even translucent and opaque stones can also be faceted. Now what are non-faceted? Non-faceted is simply jewellery where the stones and gems used do not have flat cut surface or any geometrical shape. Non-faceted gems do not have any flat polished face like cabochons.

Now, how is that helpful in times when you don’t have any good jewellery going with your pretty evening gown? Well, for that you need to get a collection of lots of faceted and non-faceted jewellery. It goes with any kind of dress and occasion. There are really simple and plain ones, which you can keep for small parties with friends or family. And then there are real stylish and fashionable ones – which would simply turn heads wherever you go.

Any jewellery box is incomplete without a piece of faceted jewellery. Faceted jewellery are ornaments that are studded with these stones. There can be one centre piece of this stone in them or there can be a number of stones that are faceted. For instance in a necklace, the neck piece can have this stone as the pendant, or you can have two, three or four faceted stones that would make the middle part of the necklace or the entire pendant can be made by these stones.

What are faceted stones? As per a definition that was flashed in a website of faceted jewellery, these stones are small and have flat cut surfaces. This flat cut gives them a shining effect. The shining effect is best seen in faceted transparent stones, however even translucent stones and sometimes opaque stones can also look good and sparkling when they are faceted.

It can be worn any where. They are best when they are worn on the neck, in the ear-rings and ear pieces, in tiaras and head gears and also they look beautiful around the waist. They can be worn at social gatherings and get together like parties, weddings, marriage anniversary celebrations etc. You can also wear light faceted jewellery at home or when out with friends and acquaintances. Basically they have a very ubiquitous appeal.

Faceted jewellery can also be wonderful gifts. You can gift them to your wife on your anniversary and make the day very special for her. You can gift a set of this type of gift to your mother and she will cherish it all her life. You can also gift these to your friends and colleagues on special occasions and they will love you for your gift. When gifted, faceted jewellery takes a special place in the heart, especially in the heart of a woman.

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