Online Dating Worked For Me

When my marriage ended I thought my life had too. I was 42 and a little long in the tooth when it came to dating. I felt very down about life and certainly did not believe for one second that anyone else would want me. I was on the scrap heap, a used and unwanted article that nobody wanted. speed dating

You may have felt this way as well. If you have, then rid yourself of those negative thoughts, because your life has only just begun. I am living proof that there is a second chance for you, because I found my love match online.

Like me you might be shy or sceptical about the online dating scene. But let’s face it, millions of people have tried it, and they can’t all be wrong 交友.

I knew it was there, but like you, I thought it was just something you see in a TV programme where one of the characters gives it a go but it never works. It may not happen straight away, or even on the first date, but it will come. The way that I got started with online dating was that every time I logged into my e-mail account I would see advertisements for singles dating sites. I was curious so decided to take a look. I was pleasantly surprised as I discovered that there were thousands of people out there of my age group. They all had a story to tell and certain things they were looking for in a potential partner. What had I been waiting for? What had been holding me back? Pride and outdated values and influences! After all, online dating is no different to talking to talk to a stranger in a bar 交友網站.

I shopped around for a site that gave me the access I wanted, before I decided to become a fully paid member. I wanted to be able to view someone’s photograph and profile for free so that I could make the decision as to whether I wanted to contact them. I found that a lot of the well known sites gave you a quick teaser of the profile and if you wanted to read more you had to pay. And not just a one off payment, you had to set up regular payments from your bank. Needless to say I found a good site which let me have great access for free, and when I decided to become a paid member I could join for one, three or six months and just pay for the chosen period with a one off credit card payment. After this period I then just reverted back to a basic member. Great. Now I had found the site it was time to create my profile.

The main thing for me was that I wanted to see a photograph. If there is no picture they must be hiding something as far as I am concerned. I uploaded a recent and happy photograph of me. With regard to my profile I had to take charge. I wanted to meet people, but I wanted a certain type of person. I had had enough of selfish, loveless, control freaks so I was brutally honest about myself and what I was looking for. I wrote about my likes and dislikes, how I would treat my new love, but most of all what I was looking for in my partner. In a friendly way I was trying to say that if you don’t fit these requirements then don’t apply.

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