How to Create a Keywords List For Google AdWords Campaign

AdWords is a Pay Per Click advertising system by Google. When the visitor performs a search at, With the normal search engine results Google displays the sponsored ads on right side column of the result pages.

Which ads get displayed depends upon the keywords the advertiser has decided in his account at Google’s control panel. This clearly means that if an advertiser wants his ad displayed more number of times, he must have a very good and big list of keywords with him. This will increase the probability of his ad getting in front of a large audience.

Creating a large list of keywords is not that difficult though. There are many ways to do this. Let’s have a look at a few options available.  database keywords list

1) Google’s own keyword suggestion tool..

Google’s own External Keywords Suggestion Tool is a great way to create such a list of keywords. This tool is free and the best part is it uses Google’s own database of keywords to give a suggestion of keywords. Advertiser must select relevant keywords from this list that describes his/her services.

This tool has a unique feature termed as “Site-Related Keywords”. Type the web address of your website into this and see what results you get. You can even generate “synonyms” of various types of keywords using this feature.

This tool can be accessed at

2) Yahoo Search Marketing ( Keywords Suggestion tool.

This is a great keywords suggestion tool and is free too. This tool creates a list of keywords with the use of’s database of keywords. This tool also gives you the number of times a keyword has been searched for the previous month.

This tool can be accessed at

3) Use your own imagination..

It is quite obvious that since the above mentioned keyword tools are free, they will attract a lot of your competitors. So to be a little above them you can use your own brain to generate more keywords.

Imagine from the user’s point of view. If he had to use your services what keywords he/she is likely to type in the search engines.

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