How Business Is Moving From the Web to Mobile

Everyone’s announcing quarter results and with social networks, it’s mostly the user base and earnings that are hogging all the attention. Some are doing well, some not so well. LinkedIn tanked big time after on its earnings forecast and then plunged further after posting quarter results that weren’t so satisfactory.

But amid all that hullabaloo about earnings and revenues, there is a very important metric that hasn’t probably received the amount of attention that it should have. Unlike LinkedIn and Twitter, Facebook’s stock soared after the social network posted its 2015 fourth quarter results in January. You already know Facebook has more than a billion users on its network and its revenue source is primarily advertising. But in its fourth-quarter results, Facebook revealed that “Mobile advertising revenue represented approximately 80% of advertising revenue for the fourth quarter of 2015, up from 69% of advertising revenue in the fourth quarter of 2014 tech web post.” The number has huge implications for marketers and brands who are looking to use Facebook as a platform to advertise and reach out to their customers. Let’s look at the absolute numbers. According to Facebook’s fourth quarter results, Facebook’s advertising revenue was USD 5.64 billion, which itself sharply rose by 51.7%. So, 80% of that entire advertising revenue is USD 4.51 billion. This is an inspirational number. Facebook generated USD 4.51 billion in advertising revenues just from its mobile app. The actual Web version might as well be redundant but it’s still bringing in about a billion dollars so they’ll keep it running.

The numbers are great and stock is soaring. So, even if you aren’t a Facebook investor, there’s something to cheer for and something to learn about what really matters in today’s tech space. Mobile. A study conducted by call intelligence firm Invoca found that 74% customers are very likely to switch to another business if the mobile experience is poor. Not just that, in even more encouraging findings, about 14% respondents were happy with their personal information being sought if it is used to improve the mobile experience.

Newspapers used to be the best place to find classified ads, which post job openings all over the region where the newspaper is distributed, but now there are classified ad sites that do the same thing. These sites also offer services that newspapers cannot; the ability to post resumes on the site for employers to browse, search for specific job openings, and search for specific companies. The only thing a newspaper can do is publish whatever ads they receive from local companies and that is it.

Classified ad websites separate the ads on their site into the following categories: Accounting, Architect, Bio Tech, Business Management – MBA, Computer Network, Customer Service, Daily Workers, Design, Education, Fabrication, Factory Work, Financial, Fitness – Health, Government, Human Resources, Internships, Marketing, Non-Profit, Office Work, Real Estate, Restaurant, Routes, Salon, Sales, Sales Management, Security, Software, Transportation, TV/Video and Web Developer.

Classified ad websites will offer classified ads from all fifty states in the country plus the District of Columbia, which divides the ads up into almost 400 cities across the country. Therefore, visitors to the websites will be able to narrow their search down from their entire state of residence to their town of residence or the closest major city to their residence. This makes it easier for seekers to find jobs within a certain amount of mileage from their home or school. This is not something a newspaper can provide to the public. The majority of these classified ad websites are not pay for use sites either, which means they are completely free to use. Newspapers on the other hand cost money to read and that can be said if they come to your doorstep via a subscription or if you get them at a newsstand each morning.

If you are a company looking to post a classified ad and want to reach more people than a newspaper can reach, using classified ad websites are the best way to go. These sites can send out emails to their registered users every couple of weeks that details brand new job postings or ones that are about to expire in a couple of days. This is an excellent way to get your job opening out to the public so you get the desired number of applicants to apply for the job. Newspapers might only be able to reach 100,000 or so people in your company’s area. Posting the job ad to a classified website will guarantee that thousands upon thousands of people will see the advertisement no matter where they live in the country. You are not posting the job just for a specific region, like you do when posting the ad in a newspaper classified section, which makes the search for a new employee much easier.

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