Four Steps to Attracting More of Anything You Want

Having whatever you want may sound like quite a stretch…but it is really not as hard as it seems. Of course, when you don’t have something you want, or maybe something you NEED, getting it may seem impossible. In this infinitely abundant Universe, nothing is impossible.

There are four steps to attracting and manifesting anything that you desire. By virtue of the Universal Laws (The Law of Attraction, The Law of Deliberate Creation and The Law of Allowing), if you follow these steps faithfully, you must attract whatever it you want. You can be, do or have anything.

Step 1 : List Your Desires – By this time in your life you probably have a long laundry list of desires. Some will say that they don’t know what they want…well, that is just wrong. That is just fear speaking. So in this first step take a blank piece of paper and write the numbers 1 through 20 down one side. Now, very quickly, take less than two minutes, write down a list of the things you want to be, do or have in your life. Do it now.

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Step 2: Prioritizing Your Desires – You can have any of the things that you wrote down. Through Esther Hicks, in Esther and Jerry Hicks book, Money And The Law Of Attraction-Learning To Attract Wealth, Health And Happiness, Abraham says, “If this time-space reality has within it the ability to inspire a desire within you, it is absolute that this time-space reality has the ability to yield you a full and satisfying manifestation of that same desire. It is Law.” So, your desire is sufficient proof that you can have it.

Since we do have some limiting beliefs, and we do get stuck sometimes, while there is no true reason for this being so, we find it easier and more effective to focus on a single desire at one time. This means that we have to pick one desire from the list of twenty that you just made. This won’t be hard either.

Beside each of the remaining ten, write a number from one to ten, where ten is the desire that you want most and one is the desire that you want least and use every number only once. Now next to that number write a second number from one to five where five means that you can actually see that desire happening somehow (don’t worry about how) and one means that you can’t even envision the miracle that it would take to get that desire. You can use any of the numbers one through five as often as you would like. Move fast, the Universe likes speed.

Step 3: Looking At Your Desire The Right Way – Desires can be driven from want or from joy. You cannot manifest from want, you can only manifest from joy. (Don’t worry if you feel unhappy right now…we’ll get past that.) The point here is that you have to look at your desire and focus on what it will bring you, not what it will help you avoid, get you out of, or get rid of. If your desire is to “Have all my bills paid Miracle Sheets in full,” and your motivation is, “Because I hate the stack of bills sitting on my desk,” you are actually focusing on the pile of bills and all you can get are more bills. If you can begin to shift your focus and have your desire be because, “I feel good when I satisfy all my obligations to others, and it feels good to know that I have sufficient money flowing easily into my life. Having my bills paid allows me to spend more time having fun and doing the things I enjoy and paying my bills is the right thing to do,” then you are moving to right end of the vibrational spectrum.

Take the single desire that you have chosen, and on a new, blank, piece of paper, write that desire on the top. Now, under that write, “I want this because,” and start writing all the reasons why you want this thing. Before you start, set an intention to find all the positive, uplifting reasons why you want you desire. Now take as long as you need to create you positive statement as to why you want to be, do or have this particular thing.

Step 4: Live In The Feeling Of The Wish Fulfilled – Now for the most fun step of all. Neville Goddard said, “I ask you to take me seriously. Imagination will fulfill itself, so do not limit yourself by anything that is now happening, no matter what it is. Knowing what you want, conceive a scene which would imply you have it. Persuade yourself of its truth and walk blindly on in that assumption. Believe it is real. Believe it is true and it will come to pass. Imagination will not fail you if you dare to assume and persist in your assumption, for imagination will fulfill itself in what your life becomes.” He also said that the way to make something happen is to “live in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.”

So, now that you have your primary desire and you have gotten positive about why you want, take one more blank sheet of paper (and if you have been cheating and have not yet written anything down, do write this down, it is the most powerful step you will ever take) write across the top, “Now that I am or have my,” and fill in your desire. Make sure you are stating your desire in the present tense. Then continue with, “I feel” and write how you feel. Write what you are doing now that you have your desire…now that it is here and you have fully manifested it. Then, write down a telephone conversation with your best friend describing how your life has changed now that your desire is here. Next write down a description of something that you are about to do now that your desire is manifest. Finally, write another statement about how you are feeling with your desire accomplished.

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