Failed the CPA Exam? Pass it This Time

Make it your goal to pass the CPA exam if you are just starting out in accounting or are dissatisfied with the direction your accounting career is going. There are many benefits that come with passing the CPA exam. First you it will help you get taken more seriously. Whether you are looking for a promotion, a better job, or looking to be your own boss, having that designation will help you reach your goals. It will bring you credibility and open you to a wide realm of career opportunities.Pass the CPA exam and you will find opportunities abound ISACA CISM .

In addition to the boost to your reputation you will find more potential for income and greater job satisfaction. In all likelihood your services will be in demand for as long as you choose to work and keep yourself current in regards to laws, regulations, and accounting technologies. The first thing that people will look for from you in windows of opportunity that you come across. It all comes with the decision to pass the CPA exam.

Your decision to pass the CPA exam should not be taken lightly. You are very limited on the number of chances per year that you have to take it as it is only offered in two month windows that come about at the beginning of each calender quarter. When you decide to try and pass the CPA exam, you need to apply as early as possible and make sure that the dates that you are scheduled to take it are free and clear from other engagements. Not only do you not want to have any scheduling conflicts, you will not want to have any distractions.

The exam is very difficult and drawn out. You do have the option of taking the 4 sections of it in several different windows though if you happen to fail one section you have to wait until another window opens to re-take the test and it costs about $50 to re-take the test. Once you take your first test, you have an 18 month window to complete all four sections.

Trying to pass the CPA exam is very expensive. The costs vary by state but expect to pay around $100 to apply for it and somewhere near $250 per section. Without any re-takes it can easily cost over $800 to completely pass the CPA exam. In the long run it will have enormous benefits to you but with the initial cost being so high, it is not something that you want to take lightly.

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