City Breaks at Durham Hotels – Exploring Durham World Heritage Site

The Architectural Splendour on Offer for City Breaks at Durham Hotels

Short breaks at Durham hotels provide an architecturally astounding cultural experience and an opportunity to explore the significant beauty of this World Heritage Site. Comprising Durham Cathedral, Durham Castle and related buildings, Durham World Heritage Site earned recognition in 1986 thanks to the historical significance of these architectural gems. Constructed in the aftermath of the Norman conquest, both the Castle and the Cathedral have remained continuously in use for almost 1000 years. Durham Cathedral is widely hailed as one of Europe’s finest examples of Norman architecture. With a political, religious and historical significance to match their outstanding design, the story of these breathtaking monuments is intriguing and well documented at the Durham World Heritage Site Visitors Centre. Whether staying at Durham hotels in the city or on the coast, the grand designs of the World Heritage Site are not to missed.

Durham Cathedral; a Fine Example of Norman Architecture

Durham hotels in the city rest under the watchful gaze of the astounding Durham Cathedral, construction of which began in 1093 on a peninsula formed by the course of the River Wear. Completed within 40 years, it became a place of pilgrimage owing to its housing of the shrine of Saint Cuthbert, patron Saint of Northumbria. Originally home to Benedictine monks, the colourful history of the Cathedral lends university of sydney itself to tales of Reformation, Civil War and Restoration, whilst its architectural layout survived in somewhat true form to its original design. Throughout the centuries, additions have been made, mostly in the Gothic style, and restoration work undertaken but, in an exemplary fashion of preservation, much of its original Norman detail remains. Still a place of religious significance to this day, the is perhaps the biggest draw card for short breaks at Durham hotels.

Discovering the Castle from Durham Hotels

Exploring this World Heritage Site from Durham hotels, visitors will find the Cathedral generously complimented by Durham Castle, which sprang to life under the orders of William the Conqueror in 1072. A defensive stronghold in the troublesome years that followed the Norman conquest, the Castle acted as a secular partner to the Cathedral and in 1076, became the home of William of Calais, first Price Bishop of Durham. It was from the castle grounds that the then town of Durham was ruled by the Prince Bishop

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