Card Counting – How To Beat Blackjack

Card counting is the best way to beating blackjack as it allows you to predict what cards are coming up next so that you can big bigger or smaller, depending on the count. One of the reasons card counting is such a great method to use is because its not illegal to use.

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Even though this is true, if the casino picks up that you are card counting, they can ban you from playing at that casino ever again DominoQQ . Casinos do not have to have a specific reason for banning you, remember that. It is simply the best strategy out there on how to beat blackjack.

Card counting can only be used in a real live casino as online casinos have a computer which makes all the cards come out randomly, making the use of card counting totally worthless. Though as live casinos still use proper decks of cards, you can use it to make a huge amount of money. In the UK casinos, they use 6 decks of cards in one shoe, but in other countries they may use 2. The fewer card there are, the easier it is.

In the past, card counting was only really about strategy, and this was usually only possible if you were really gifted or someone with an electronic card counter, however as time has passed, there are now easier and easier ways to do it, and basically any normal person like you or me can now learn how to count cards, making a killing on the tables.

For many years, the traditional advice many professional blackjack players gave for dominating casinos was to count cards and increase your bet when the point count was in your advantage. However, times have changed and the rules have changed such as the use of multiple decks and shuffling machines, counting cards is nearly impossible online and in person. I advise you to not waste your time and money using this type of blackjack strategy.

If card counting systems are no good, how exactly do you win at blackjack? Picking up a basic blackjack basic strategy card chart will allow you to know exactly when to HIT, STAND, DOUBLE DOWN, etc…It will give you a huge edge over the house. The house will never have a 55% to 45% edge on you EVER AGAIN. Did you know if you have no black jack strategy in place at all the house has a automatic 55-45 edge over you right from the start because they act last and before it is even their turn, you could have already busted out in which they automatically win.

Great blackjack tips are hard to come by, but I am going to share with you all I know for absolutely FREE. Before you invest another penny in any real life casino blackjack game or online blackjack game, you need to play blackjack online for free until you get a grasp of the game. Before you will ever move any further in your blackjack career, you must memorize a black jack strategy chart showing you exactly what to do with your hand. This information will be used for the life of your blackjack career. How to count cards in black jack is definitely not something you want to do. You will fail over and over again, miserably. It will end up costing you thousands and thousands of dollars. Trust me, I was an accountant and excellent with numbers. I tried counting cards and it was nearly impossible. With so many decks and so many cards still out there, counting cards isn’t an option anymore in today’s blackjack world. Don’t waste your money on card counting software or trying to learn how to count cards. You will never be successful. Learning the blackjack rules and basic blackjack strategies will take you a long way in the blackjack profitable road. You will be driving down the road to riches in no time. The house will stand no chance against you both online and in person. Most people that play online think it is rigged. That is NOT true. It is good to play blackjack on multiple casinos though because it doesn’t allow the dealer to catch winning streaks. You can now establish a blackjack basic strategy table image in which other players will respect you. Find an online casino that you’re consistently winning on. Mixing in a great blackjack strategy with an online casino that doesn’t cheat people. I wish you the best of luck in your blackjack career and I hope you find a proven strategy to dominate the house consistently!

All of us gamblers would love a guaranteed roulette winning strategy and these are spread all over the internet. Often they’ll come in expensive ebooks or reports but just as likely in a simple web page leading to a casino. In my experience in most instance these secret strategies are almost always based on the Martingale system.

The Martingale system was first used by gamblers in 18th Century France and in fact there are many variances. The simplest one though I’m sure you will have come across before. The idea is best explained by a toss of the coin – you bet on heads initially and if you lose you continue to back ‘heads’ but double your stake each time. This in theory would eventually lead to a win and a recover of all the previous stakes. In practice it usually leads to very large losses as the stake exponentially rises.

The Martingale system is actually loosely based on a mathematical misunderstanding called the “Gamblers Fallacy” which basically concludes that past variations can affect future results. Or in English if heads has come up 10 times in a row – the next toss is more likely to come up tails – of course this is not true as the previous ten results have no bearing on the next toss at all. Even if the ball on a casino wheel landed in red 100 times – the odds are still 50/50 (minus the 0 or house edge) on the next spin.

Even if you believe in the martingale system or some of it’s strange variants – it would be difficult to apply nowadays as even if you could afford it most casinos have limits on each bet which would prevent it. Most casinos have never actively deterred using Martingale though simply because they don’t lose by it. Each roulette winning strategy should be studied in the cold light of statistics before you spend any money on it.

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