Before-Blogging Basics – Making Money From Home the Smart Way

Are you wondering what all the hoopla is about blogging? Are you wondering if it’s worth your time and energy to start one, or more than one blog? Are you curious to know if blogging is going to be the secret weapon that helps you start making money from home? Many online business owners ask these questions, so here’s a little insight into blogging that might help you build your business.

“Blogging” is a fun word, so it must be fun, right? Well, only if you really like to write something meaningful that your readers are interested in and willing to keep reading as you make more and more blog posts. The thing is, if you want to start making money from home, you have to maintain a blog to make it effective, and keep posting valuable content on a regular basis, otherwise there is no point in having a blog.

If you hate to write, but you want a blog to get you started making money from home, then consider joining an article writing service that will provide daily content for you to post to your blog Sherry Dyson . You can also use other people’s articles as content, but the most effective blog posts for making money from home are the original pieces you create yourself that offer content people want to read about and keywords that people search for on the net – a solid “pillar” article.

No matter what your online business, you will certainly benefit and start making money from home by creating a free blog with Google’s Blogger or WordPress, and posting to it daily with fresh news, reports, articles, or opinions.

Before blogging, you also want to consider your niche market and target audience. By this I mean that you don’t want to write blog posts that are all over the place, discussing many different topics. Stay focused on your “making money from home” niche and make sure your posts are all related to your website’s content.

Related to that is knowing the whole purpose of your blog and why you are doing it. It may be that you want more traffic to your website, that you want to establish yourself as an expert in your niche, that you want to use Google’s AdSense on your blog posts to make money from home online, or that you just want to build a relationship with your customer base. Whatever the reason may be, keep focused on that reason, and keep consistency in your posts.

Earlier I mentioned Blogger and WordPress as choices for you to set up a free blog. These are the two that I know of, but there are others that you can look into if you do some research. Consider these choices carefully, as most internet marketers who are making money from home prefer the WordPress blogs for functionality and ease of use. I use Blogger and am happy with it for my purposes, as it is very basic and easy to use. WordPress offers a little more customization and advanced features.

Next you have to realize that you can’t just have a blog – You also have to promote it. This can be done in various ways like posting a link to your blog in the articles you submit or forum posts, joining a blog carnival, networking with other bloggers, submitting comments, running free or paid advertisements, press releases, or other marketing methods.

Last but not least, you should really get into a habit of tracking your blog posts, as to how much traffic it is bringing you, how much you are earning and from which clicks, and where your sales are coming from if making money from home with your blog is important to you. This is good practice for any internet marketer. If you keep these points in mind before starting a blog, you’re on your way to blog riches!

I talk a lot about how times, they are a changin’. It’s inevitable that we will not be able to reach customers in the ways we did in the past. To successfully grow any business, you have to be open to change. Customers adapt faster than businesses, and that’s the downfall of many companies. It’s a tiresome race, always trying to find the new way to market before the consumer discovers it, but it’s a necessary evil.

Blogs are the future. Now, if your idea of blogs is someone’s journal about what they ate that day, that may have been true in 2000, but it’s not true now. But you know that because you’re reading this. Blogs are meant to inform. Rather than buy a set of encyclopedias from a door-to-door salesman, you can have any type of information you seek with a few clicks of a button, and much of it is on blogs. Consumers like free information. Provide that to them, and their sales will follow.

Think about the places you get free information. A newsletter, direct mail, television – whatever the source, chances are there is a company who sells things behind it. And if you know this, and appreciate the information you are given, you are more likely to buy from that company than its competitor. Blogs are no different. I write about marketing because it’s what I love. I would probably blog about it anyway, but I also run a marketing and PR firm. While I’m of course not pushing anything on you, it is my hope that if you need marketing one day, you’ll think of the woman who writes such useful articles on Marketing 2.0.

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