Article 7 – Blogging For Profits – Your Blog Content – Keeping Your Readers Interested

Blog content is the single most important aspect of your blog. Why? Because the very nature of blogging means that you will have readers coming to your blog daily to see what you are currently saying about the niche you have chosen. If the content of your blog is repetitious, or boring, you may get a reader to your blog once or twice, but they will go somewhere else unless they are “hooked” on what your are saying. What happens if you run out of interesting and appealing things to discuss on your blog? No worries; here are some fun and easy things you can add to your blog that will “punch it up.”

News: Everyday, there are numerous news releases about virtually every topic out there. Search for some interesting (and controversial) news items to include on your blog and write some pithy comments about the news. This is a very simple and easy way to come up with excellent content for your blog.

Forums:I have recently written an article about using forums to drive traffic to your blog. Forums are another very good source of information to add to your blog. Again, make sure that the content is yours.

Tip Of The Day: Tips of the day are another good way to write an interesting blog post. Since the niche you are writing about is something you should have some expertise in, this should be easy to do. Again look for topics that are a bit controversial or people have a strong opinion about.

Site or Tool Of The Week: I am constantly researching new and exciting websites or tools to help me in my Internet marketing efforts. If you are the same, pick a website or new tool that you are using and write a blog post on why this tool or site is working (or not working) for you. Unfortunately, our society is just as interested (if not more interested) in things that don’t work as things that do. Don’t make something up just to get a rise out of your readers. Be honest and you will write some great content.

Customer Comments: Most blogs have the feature of allowing your readers to leave a comment on a specific blog post. You, as the blog writer, have the ability to allow those comments or not. I always allow comments to be posted and reserve the right to edit them. If you get an interesting or controversial comment, take the time to research the comment and do a blog post that explores both sides of the comment.

There you have it. These are simple and easy ways to come up with new and interesting blog post to share with your readership. One final last thought: If for what ever reason you can not come up with a good blog post one day, skip it. It would be better not to post at all than to post a bad blog post.

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