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With the release of the VIvo best mobile phones in the market, Google jumped into the smartphone business. It has equipped its new smartphones with an array of features to make your everyday tasks easier and simplify your life. As part of the agreement with the major wireless network carriers, Google has launched a smartphone in the market called the “Google Nexus S” that offers a unique blend of features and applications. The company claims that these smartphones provide the best mobile experience for individuals since the operating system, apps, browser and the primary camera are designed by the Google team.

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Google’s new smartphone is powered by the powerful and innovative snapdragon mobile platform. This advanced processor platform provides great performance in all tasks including surfing the internet, enjoying your video and music library and taking pictures. The snapdragon mobile CPU has four different ARM core based clocked modes that are very efficient when it comes to processing the CPU tasks. If you want to enjoy your high definition videos and audio files then snapdragon smartphone will help you do that. You can also take unlimited pictures and edit them easily with a simple touch and enjoy it instantly vivo s1.

The Samsung’s brand new Bajaj Fin Serv Emulator is one of the latest and most promising additions in the VIvo best smartphone collection. The handset is equipped with advanced processing power and the best thing about it is that it has been preloaded with VIvo caller, a feature that no other smartphone available in the market has. This allows you to use an international number without paying any local toll charges, which is very helpful when traveling.

The Samsung Bajaj Fin Serv Emulator is also equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, which makes it a lot easier to type and enjoy your phone calls. If you want to download apps that are available in the VIvo marketplace, there is an application called Republic of Zeal. The platform runs on Windows operating system and is designed to compliment all smartphones including the VIvo best smartphones in the market. It is extremely easy to navigate and offers plenty of options and functions, allowing you to enjoy your device and stay connected with your loved ones.

For power-packed performance, the phone offers various sound features as well. With its wide sound quality range, you can enjoy excellent music and videos with ease. The VIA software is also present in the gadget, allowing you to stream various media and use various features such as camcorder, video chat and internet function smoothly. The battery of the phone also enables you to enjoy long talk time. This is extremely important especially if you are always on the go.

The company has also introduced an exciting and new feature – Auto Clock. With this feature, you will know the time in your home time zone even before you arrive there. The impressive technology also enables you to share images and videos with your friends in real time across various platforms.

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