A Murder Mystery Bridal Shower to Die For!

Do you love a good mystery? Are you and the other ladies looking for ideas to die for when planning a bridal shower or bachelorette party for a special bride? If you have said yes then have you considered a murder mystery bridal shower? Now I know what you are thinking, that would be a lot of fun but how can I do this, and can you give me some ideas? Of course I can so let’s start.

Planning a murder mystery party can be a real scream. First of all you will want to decide on what kind of game to play at the bridal shower. You can go online and buy pre-made kits or be creative and make up your own murder mystery. These games can be set in the twenties, at a casino, a lethal lua, a murderous midnight romp or a deadly dinner party. Let your imagination run wild! Be aware of how many guests will attend and what location you have selected for the party. Decorate the party entrance with crime scene tape, smudge finger บาคาร่า prints on the door knob, throw in a few shovels and bloody knives as props, use ketchup for blood. After you have nailed down these important details it’s time to get this party started!

Depending on the murder mystery game, you should send out invitations asking each guest to dress in a costume for a particular character they are going to play. Tell them to dress as flamboyantly as they like, depending on the character they portray, trench coats, feathered boas and detective hats make for some killer costumes. Design invitations with spy glasses or foot prints. How about a dagger dripping in blood or a smoking pistol? It should reflect on what murder you are going to be hosting. Send character scripts to each guest and drop hints on role playing. Be sure to offer the bride an intriguing part to play as she is the reason you are throwing this event in the first place.

When choosing music and entertainment be sure the music matches the theme. Ideas might include an orchestra band playing classical music, eerie violins throbbing in the background add atmosphere for a deadly dinner party mystery. Drums make good music for a luau or safari murder.

The party decor should reflect the theme of the murder mystery you have selected. Balloons, foggy ice smoking up a cocktail bar, toned down lighting, candles or old fashioned lamps make great props. If money is no object and you want to go all out for a killer bridal shower, you might wish to hire an event planner to stage the entire thing. They might be able to include details you would never have dreamed of, and it will be a shower the lucky bride will never forget.

Food for the party can be anything and once again will reflect on the game you will be playing. Menu ideas for your party should be tagged with interesting labels. Choices might include skewered steak, murderous margaritas, death by chocolate cake, strangler’s salad, arsenic anchovies, poison punch. You get the idea. Make your food as tasty and fun as possible.

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